Iglu Bar

Eskimo Night at Igloo Village

Eskimo Night starts at 8 pm with night snowshoeing where a guide takes you across the ski slopes to the Igloo Village. Upon arrival you are greeted with a traditional welcome drink and dinner in the Igloo Restaurant. After the refreshments you will be given a guided tour through Igloo Villages. After dinner, guests you will have fun on the snow using various snow props (sledges, snow golf).

After a good nights sleep in the igloo, keeping you warm a special sleeping bag, you will wake up to a nice cup of hot tea and and excellent breakfast at the nearby hotel.


  • Romantic Igloo: 290 € / couple
  • Standard Igloo: 99 € / person (min. 4 persons)

Booking required for standard igloo/ min 4 persons.

Standard igloo is for a maximum of 8 persons.

We offer 20% of discount for the families.

The Igloo Village team usually accommodates four persons in one Standard igloo. If you want to stay in an igloo for two then we recommend booking our romantic igloo.

The Standard igloo package is bookable for different kind of groups. Usually, there will be four till six people in one igloo. If you book, for example, two standard igloo packages, two other persons might be accommodated in the same igloo.

Ski knowledge is not required.

Location: Igloo Village Pokljuka

Reservations: via email [email protected]